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Pneumatic Rescue Cushions and Aircraft Lift Bags Prolift is a manufacturer of air cushions for vehicle recovery, search & recovery, and pneumatic aircraft lifting bags. Prolift cushions for all ranges of rescue and recovery operations.  Lift bags for aircraft up to the A380 Airbus and vehicles from compact cars to heavy duty tractor trailers, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, and military vehicles.  For highway & towing recovery operators we also offer Vehicle Recovery Sets. With the Prolift Air Cushion system of vehicle or aircraft recovery you will have the most effective, reliable, and versatile system on the market.  The advantages of the Prolift Air Cushions low pressure system is the modular design, portability, ease of use, and safety. All air cushions are fitted with corrosion resistant hardware, positioning handles, over pressure valves and locking connections. EPDM hoses available in lengths of 25, 50, 100, 150, and 200 feet.
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SINCE 1999 Prolift Aircraft Lift Bags and Cushions EXCELLENCE AND PERFORMANCE  
Inflatable Pillow Pipe Plugs in a range from 12" to 96". New Isolation Plugs a low pressure plug to seal pipes, doorways, crawl spaces, concrete water ways. Seal-It and keep it safe from debris and children.
Underwater Liftbags Professional Grade Lifting bags for underwater salvage.
PROLIFT TECHNOLOGY, LTD. provides two types of major products: Specialized Recovery Bags: Aircraft Lifting Bags - Type F2 in ranges from 12 - 40 Metric Ton Capacity. Rescue Cushions - used for recovery of overturned semi trailers, lifting light duty aircraft, stabilizing fuselage in larger aircraft, thin skinned, light walled vehicles like aluminum truck trailers, tankers, or buses 
Pneumatic Bag, Aircraft Lifting Type II NSN:1730-00-263-2962