Aircraft Lifting Bags

Pneumatic Aircraft Lift Bags by Prolift - for all ranges of rescue and recovery operations. Available in standard ranges of 12 Tons - 40 tons. Aircraft Lift bags for crippled aircraft are available in systems to lift small personal aircraft up to the largest commercial A380 Airbus. Pneumatic Aircraft Lifting Bags NSN#1730-00-263-2962 and NSN#5120-00-263-2962 all lifting bags are built in accordance to MIL-P-6640C.

Pneumatic Lifting Cushions

For highway & towing recovery operators we offer Vehicle Recovery Sets. Lifting Cushions in all shapes and sizes from 1.5 tons to 13 tons of lift. With Prolift Air Cushion systems for vehicle recovery you will have the most effective, reliable, and versatile system on the market. The advantages of the Prolift Air Cushions low pressure system is the modular design, portability, ease of use, and safety.

Lifting Bags Material and Components

Prolift specially formulated MS4000 Fabric is a high strength nylon coated with highly abrasion resistant urethane polymer compounds which makes our fabric resistant to direct contact with diesel, gasoline, oils and chemicals. Radio frequency welding at 50 lb/in using state of the art custom RF welding equipment. With RF welding of all seams and joints combined with the high puncture resistance of the polymer fabric (1200 lb/in) means you are purchasing the ultimate fabrication available today. All component accessories are EPDM approved and Stainless Steel corrosion resistant material.